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XPostpartum & Infant Care

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Services

Life with a new baby (or new babies) is a time of learning and adjustment for the entire family. At Doulas of Des Moines, our doulas are trained to support parents, infants, and other important family members as you bond and adjust to your changed family unit.

What makes our postpartum support unique:

Infant Care

All of our postpartum doulas are trained Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas. This means that, in addition to being trained to support parents after birth, we are trained to support babies! From helping you learn to swaddle, change diapers, and feed your baby like a pro, to caring for baby while you get some much needed rest, you can be confident your whole family will be well supported.

Truly unbiased support

After announcing that your family is growing, you may have noticed that everyone around you suddenly seems to have a lot of opinions. While that is unlikely to change anytime soon, you can rest assured your doula will arrive judgment and opinion-free. Our compassion, resources, and expertise are at your disposal—unaltered by bias.

Use your hours how you want

Select from our recommended packages or have us create a custom package to fit your family's unique needs. Use your hours during the day, overnight, or a combination of the two. With our agency model, we’re prepared to meet your needs.





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