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Postpartum & Infant Care

Postpartum & Infant Care Support

You have ideas of what you want your life as a parent to look like. We can help that vision come to life.

We are experts in parents, babies, families, and - most of all - options. Tell us what you want from parenthood and we will help you get there. Every baby is unique, and while we have some techniques that may seem like magic, we have no wands to wave to insure you have a perfect sleeper, enthusiastic eater, or colic-free baby. What we do have is a plethora of options, tools, and a deep respect for your needs and priorities. We do things YOUR way... and when you aren't sure what your way is - we can help you figure it out! We don't just support you or baby - we support your entire family as you adjust to your new family dynamic.

Choose from our popular packages, or work with us to create a custom package to fit your unique needs. Take a look at the options below, and then let's chat about what this support could look like for your family!

Well Supported

Welcome Home: $500
(13 total hours of support)

  • One 5hr shift
  • One 8hr overnight

Settling In: $975
(26 total hours of support)

  • Two 4-hour shifts/week for 2 weeks
  • One 10-hour overnight (once)

Learning the Ropes: $2,650
(72 total hours of support)

  • Two 4-hour shifts/week for 6 weeks
  • One 4-hour shift/week for the 6 following weeks

Well Rested

Feeling Refreshed: $900
(24 total hours of support)

  • Three 8-hour overnight shifts to use over a 6-week period

Revitalized: $2,925
(80 total hours of support)

  • Ten 8-hr overnights to use over a 12-week period

Sleeping Soundly: $14,350
(410 total hours of support)

  • Twelve 10-hour overnights to use during parental leave
  • Five 10-hour overnights to use first week back at work
  • Three 8hr overnights/week for 6 weeks
  • Two 8hr overnights/week for 6 weeks

Custom Packages

We love working with our clients to create the perfect package for their family’s needs and budget.

Custom packages start at $160 and range from $35-$40 per hour, depending on the package size.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help!