Doulas of Des Moines
Your choices. Our unbiased support.


Labor Doula Services

Your family is unique and you deserve individualized—and unparalleled—support as you welcome your newest family member. At Doulas of Des Moines, we offer truly unbiased support to your entire family — no matter what kind of birth experience you want or need.


What makes our support unique:

No “Backup Doulas”

With Doulas of Des Moines, there’s no need to worry that a backup doula who you don’t know well (or at all) may attend your labor. Instead of hiring an individual doula, you are hiring a team of two doulas, both of whom attend all prenatal appointments with you. Doulas are not immune to illness, family emergencies, or multiple clients going into labor at once, but with our unique team approach, you are guaranteed a doula at your birth who you know well and have created a relationship with.

We’re always available

Your doulas are on call from the moment you hire us. We don’t have an on-call period beginning at 37 or 38 weeks because sometimes babies arrive earlier or later than expected, and the last thing you should have to worry about when having a baby is whether your doula will be there for you.

Truly unbiased support

No two births are the same, and no two families will have the same needs or make all the same decisions. Our top goal is to support YOUR needs. We provide our compassion, resources, and expertise—but never our opinions—to support you as you make the decisions that are right for your family.


Our Labor Doula package includes:

  • A team of two doulas on call from the moment you hire us

  • Unbiased, personalized support by phone, text, and email throughout pregnancy, early labor, and the first 3 weeks post birth

  • 2 in-person prenatal appointments with your doula team

  • Face-to-face support during labor, birth, and up to two hours post-birth

  • 1 in-person postpartum appointment with the doula who attends your birth