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We <3 Cesarean Birth

April is cesarean Awareness month, and every year there is a lot of talk about how to avoid having a cesarean and how to lower the rates of cesareans. If you're expecting a baby and hoping to avoid a cesarean, you may find that information useful, and that's great! ...But we think cesarean births are pretty damn amazing and deserve some love since they so often get hated on.

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EmmaRose Benne
When Parents Become Grandparents

You made choices on how to raise them, and you clearly did a fantastic job, I mean look at your awesome adult children! You rock! Now, imagine all the things you will do with your grandbaby!!! .... But once the baby is here your kids keep telling you that you can't do this or that with the baby. You feel they are being overprotective. You don't understand why your children aren't doing things exactly like you would.

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Jill Kvinlaug