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We <3 Cesarean Birth

April is cesarean Awareness month, and every year there is a lot of talk about how to avoid having a cesarean and how to lower the rates of cesareans. If you're expecting a baby and hoping to avoid a cesarean, you may find that information useful, and that's great! ...But we think cesarean births are pretty damn amazing and deserve some love since they so often get hated on.

As with any surgery or medical procedure, cesarean births have both risks and benefits that should be discussed with your provider. If you decide with your provider that a cesarean birth is what’s best for you and your baby, we want you to know how great that cesarean birth can be!

To that end, here are 10 of the things we love about cesarean births:

They’re efficient.

A planned cesarean birth (including birthing the placenta and getting sutures) is likely to take about an hour. Total. If a cesarean birth is decided on during labor, you know you get to meet your baby very soon!

They eliminate some of the pain
For parents who were hoping to experience a vaginal birth, this can be devastating and not a positive thing at all. If that’s you: we hear you, we support you, and we value you. For some parents though, avoiding contractions, transition, crowning-pain, and/or perineal tearing is a major positive to their cesarean birth.

You can choose your provider

Planned cesareans can be scheduled with your favorite provider instead of giving birth with whoever happens to be on call.

They can fit your schedule

Planned cesareans can also be scheduled for a date and time that works best for your family; allowing you to schedule childcare, help from family and friends, etc.

Or baby can decide.

In some cases, a planned cesarean may be able to take place after labor has begun, so baby can decide their own birthday.

Options are available.

Cesarean birth provides an option for how to birth your babies, and having options is a good thing! Healthcare providers are also working to offer more options to families giving birth via cesarean, and they're doing some super cool stuff!

They eliminate some potential complications

A cesarean birth minimizes or eliminates certain physical complications during labor and birth.

They can help avoid some types of trauma.

A cesarean birth can also be a saving grace for people for whom a vaginal birth would be mentally, emotionally, or otherwise traumatic.

Cesareans are birth.

And birth is just plain awesome!

And the number one reason we love cesarean births is:
They save lives.
For a variety of reasons, some babies are not able to be safely born vaginally. Cesarean births have saved the lives of countless babies and parents.

At Doulas of Des Moines, we don't believe that some births are superior to others. We believe the best birth is the one you choose (for whatever reason/s you choose it), and we are honored to support you through it. So this April, as you scroll through the mass of anti-cesarean blogs, posts, and propaganda, know that some of us know just how awesome cesarean births—and the amazing parents who have them—can be.

EmmaRose Benne