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An Open Letter to Millie Bobby Brown

At the age of 13, you have already accomplished so much. You're a successful actress in a hit show, for starters. You're pretty badass, really - but we'll get to that. Because at the age of 13, you've also been named "one of TV's sexist actresses." I have no idea how you feel about this. Maybe you're proud of the title. Maybe you - like many of your fans (myself included) - think it's hella gross that grown ass adults are calling you sexy.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of people telling you that your sex appeal is your greatest attribute. Please believe me when I tell you, Millie, that people who tell you that are full of shit.

Your fans are not riveted by Stranger Things because you're nice to look at. We're riveted because of your extraordinary talent. We're riveted because you have taken a super-human character and made her one of the most human and relatable characters we've ever seen. We CARE about Eleven, and it has nothing to do with sex appeal.

Off set, though few of us know you personally, we admire your poise, kindness, and exuberance. We admire the joy and friendship we see between you and your fellow cast members.

I would like to believe that the recent avalanche of sexual assault accusations (especially in hollywood) will change the industry you work in, and the world we all live in, overnight. Unfortunately, change takes time and you are all too likely to encounter, throughout your career, powerful men who will try to make you believe your worth lies in your ability to turn them on. They are creeps and they're wrong.

Being in the limelight does not make your body nor your sexuality public domain. Both belong to you. Being a celebrity does not give others the right to objectify you nor to claim your sexuality as an entertainment piece. 

You are absolutely gorgeous. And it's the very least of what you have to offer.

One of your many "biggest fan"s

EmmaRose Benne