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I Love You, Starbucks

I drink Starbucks for the feeling.. 

Not the caffeinated feeling - though that's a nice perk on days when I'm particularly exhausted - but the confident I'm-so-kicking-ass-at-this-whole-life-thing feeling I get when I have a starbucks cup in my hand.

Maybe it's the sense of community: feeling comradary with all the other frazzled parents who stopped today for a cup of get-your-shit-together deliciousness from their favorite green mermaid (why on earth the starbucks logo is a mermaid, I couldnt tell ya, but she's by far my favorite mermaid). Maybe it's simply taking a moment to indulge in a cup of self-care. Whatever it is though, there is something about that starbucks cup that makes me feel like I can juggle it all successfully (even if that cup is adding another thing to physically juggle on my way in from the car).

I have a favorite local coffee shop that I regular when I need coffee for coffee's sake... but when I need more than caffeine to pick me up - no other cup gives me the same magical boost of confidence that my starbucks cup does.


EmmaRose Benne