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New Years Boundaries

Because if I do better and do more, then I will BE better and BE more. Right?

Wrong, obviously, but still, every year I have tried it. And every year, it seems that by February 1st, most of my resolutions are already out the window and I'm left beating myself up for failing yet again.

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Unbiased Myth Busting: Inductions

You're expecting a baby soon and the holidays are looming... Your provider has mentioned an induction as an option, but the parenting boards are filled with articles and memes listing all the (real and rumored) reasons NOT to have your labor induced. 

So CAN you schedule your birth to fit your busy schedule? SHOULD you?

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How I doula

I was uncomfortable being taught that my job is to help clients achieve un-medicated births, to educate them on the “right” way to do things or to help clients go against their doctor's recommendations!

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