Doulas of Des Moines
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Who we are

Doulas of Des Moines offers a comprehensive range of support services built to enhance your pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences. We know that there is no one right way to grow a family, and we know that truly unbiased, non-judgmental support can be hard to come by as a new or expectant parent. That’s why we provide support, not advocacy, through your pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences. We are devoted to supporting all of your choices without bias or agenda, so you can focus on doing what’s best for your family. We would be honored to support your journey.


Let's get to know each other!
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To provide professional support, without bias or agenda, to individuals and families in their own unique lives and experiences.

Core Values

We strive to always:

  • provide non-judgmental, agenda-free support
  • fully respect and support, without bias, the decisions and priorities of our clients
  • provide accurate, unbiased information and resources as requested by our clients
  • abstain from providing unsolicited advice or "education"
  • create/embrace/foster an inclusive culture wherein we welcome and celebrate diversity of all kinds in our business and communities
  • foster positive and respectful relationships with the healthcare providers and other professionals with whom we work.
  • protect client privacy and confidentiality
  • provide a sustainable wage and opportunities for growth to all employees and independent contractors